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Eco-friendly is often a marketing term used to promote products that are earth friendly and non-harming to the environment. Yet it can also be embraced as a way of life. Eco stems from Ecology, the study of the relationships between living organisms and their environment.

Friendly is to be favorable or serviceable. By setting the goal of valuing the people, places and creatures that surround us, or are part of our daily existence, we can be guided by an Eco-friendly way of living.

As a way of life, it brings a new consciousness or responsibility to each day, paying more attention to our actions, what we eat and consume, how we communicate and get around. Choosing organic or local versus mass produced and shipped goods.

Recycling and reusing things that would otherwise be considered waste. Economizing our use of energy, water, and gas. Taking public transportation or sharing rides. Treating other humans, animals and even insects with respect.

It sounds like a lot of extra work to have to start thinking about all the details of your life, as well as, others all over again. You may wonder what is in it for you. So How does being Eco-Friendly serve you?

Inevitably re-examining your choices brings more awareness to your life and provides feedback to live more aligned with your values and needs. It may even help you discover what you thought you required is no longer a real necessity. This is a positive step towards living more authentically and on your own terms.

When we choose products that are organic and/or manufactured in an earth friendly environment. We decrease our chemical exposure and contribute to our health.

It also signifies a yes to these Eco-conscious companies to grow and continue offering goods that add to the well being of others and the environment. With our choices we inspire others to do the same. This leads to more accessibility of environmentally focused goods and services which is truly a benefit to you.

Another benefit is the act of saving, it implies that there is some kind of reciprocity. If you save in one area you will have more in the same or another area. For instance saving electricity will save you money. In this way, you are gaining or adding to your resources.

Making and deepening connections is another way you can profit. Creating a community that supports and nourishes you. With an Eco-conscious, you generally become more interested in where things came from, what they are made of and how to use them. Which tunes you into the natural process of everything.

This may even slow things down a little as we are so used to having everything done instantly, or at least bring a new understanding to the reality of operations. This begins to connect you to your milk for example, realizing the land, cow, farm, farmer, and production method are all important.

You may even meet new people or make new friends because of this. Going to a farmer’s market, using a local product or sharing a ride may create interactions that were not possible formerly. Getting involved and finding out about events in your area may create new friends. Seeing how these connections enrich your life, the significance of family, friends, and pets also increases. As they deepen and increase, you are more sustained and cared for.

These acts of economizing, saving and making healthier choices to serve the community all relate to our own personal energy as well. This results in improved behavior and better habits. Knowing that your well-being is enhanced, you may even find you balance your schedule better, or make more time for exercise and recreation. Ultimately living a healthier life.

No one seems to complain and guests are ecstatic they see so much wildlife, like monkeys, butterflies and macaws without having to leave the grounds. Looking over their website you’ll see there is an immense joy that radiates off the page. Each week an intimate community is launched and sustained by the choices Adam and Aaron have made, including the family style, farm to table meals, where guests mingle and share.

Serving others and the environment serves you. Beyond the simple fact that helping others makes you feel good, taking action that is motivated by an Eco-friendly philosophy ensures there will be a habitat available for generations to come.


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